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Toyota Tan Cang, New Toyota & Used Car Dealer – HCM City

Toyota Tan Cang, New Toyota & Used Car Dealer – HCM City

Toyota Tan Cang – The best Toyota dealership in Vietnam

Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang – 10 years of quality

Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang, in which the Japan-based Hiroshima Toyota invests 100% capital, officially commenced in 2005. Since then, the agency has continuously improved the service quality with modern equipment and professional staff as well. For 10 years so far, we take pride in one of the best Toyota dealership in Viet Nam. Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang is the 3S dealer, which main businesses are selling the brand-new and even used car, and doing service in the name of Toyota Motor VietNam (TMV).

Where should you get a car in HCM city. The best choice is Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang

In Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang dealer, there’s a professional sale force which is fully enthusiastic and experienced in various car brands, we confidently offer the customers the best choices. We treasure the customers as our friends, so we’d highly like to provide the best consultation as a mantra pursued by the agency sale force.
The Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang is keen on offering the luxurious Toyota Camry, brand-new Toyota Corolla Altis, the best sale Toyota Vios, and particularly 2 MPVs which are popular not only in Viet Nam but the world class: Toyota Innova and Toyota Fortuner. Besides, we provide customers in need with the financial service. The clients are enable to take instalment loans by Toyota financial service providers or even the partner banks, which sponsor 80% of the car value (100% in mortgage cases). We also offer the insurance consultation of brand-new cars or the used ones.

10 reasons why the Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang is the best choice.

  • We are one of the best agencies in Viet Nam, which is strong financial ability and 100% invested overseas. Therefore, a number of cars are always available in stock, most of which are Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, Toyota Vios, Toyota Camry and Toyota Altis.
  • Monthly promotions and competitive price is our strengths.
  • There are lots of accessories for after-sale promotions, such as 3M heat-film, bumpers, rain protectors, floor covers, ceiling,…
  • The 8 collection: 10 gasoline litres, wheeldrive leather cover, floor covers, portable fire extinguisher, front-end sun cover,…
  • Demo cars are always available for test driving which offers the real experience before sales.
  • Register supports, at-home delivery
  • The instalment loans at a low rate of interest, quick procedure with no extra fee. We commit everyone can buy Toyota cars.
  • We offer the most competitive insurance consultation service and professional procedure.
  • Our after-sales service is ranked as the best ones in Viet Nam. The high-trained customer-care staff is determined and skillful. We often hold the car-care programs which help the customers take care of their own cars by themself at home.
  • Our top guarantee, repair and maintenance services are directly managed by the Japanese experts.
The Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang sales department sincerely credits the customer royalty in the last 10 years.

Where to have your car serviced in HCM city? Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang is the top-of-mind brand. 

The experienced technician are trained directly by Japanese experts. Moreover, the dealer often hold the major training course and test. Therefore, we confidently offer the best quality service in the city.
dai ly toyota tan cang - hinh anh toyota tan cang - doi ngu ky thuat vien
During 10 years, the service department in Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang which employs up to 100 personnel and owns a well-equipped garage, proudly has done service for 310.000 times in total so far.
As the mantra of “The customers are the kings”, we always strive for offering the best service which provide quick process and reasonable price. Let’s enjoy the greatest service in the city provided by Toyota Tan Cang Dealer.

7 reasons why you should have your cars serviced in Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang

  • Professional staff with enthusiasm.
  • A large well-equipped garage with modern machines ensures the quick process and even the quality service as well
  • Service date arrangement offers a quicker process.
  • The consultation staff are experienced, determined and professional.
  • The technicians are skillful and professional, well-trained by Japanese experts and TMV
  • The customer are enable to enjoy drinks and massage seats during waiting time in the lounge.
  • We’ve rewarded a lot prize in the national-wide Skill Contests held by Toyota. The most recent occasion is in 2014, we gained the first prize both in the consultation session and general repair one also.

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